Over the course of a sterling 20-year career, Dan Reilly's earned a reputation as a leader in the construction industry. And for good reason.

Before shifting his focus to residential property, Dan led the way on some of Melbourne's most iconic commercial builds. Among other credits, he was the leading hand on Vue De Monde and St Kilda's Stokehouse restaurant and was site manager on both the infamous Gatwick Hotel and Port Melbourne's Soap Factory rebuilds. And to think, Dan's building start came in the form of LEGO on the lounge room floor.

Dan prides himself on honesty and takes the trust his clients place in him very seriously. Settling people into their forever homes and helping them build what will likely be the biggest investment of their lives is a privilege and Dan treats the entire process with the respect it deserves. That's part of the reason he gets the most satisfaction on handover day. There's nothing quite like seeing his clients step inside their dream home for the first time.

He's a bit of a futurist our Dan and he's always testing new techniques, trialling new products and trying to push the boundaries of design and construction. He strives to provide his clients with not only the highest and most progressive construction standards, but the best and friendliest service, too. To be honest, he might just be the full package. Even if we do say so ourselves.

As a qualified interior design expert, Dani has been creating beautiful spaces from the inside out for almost a decade. She's a problem solver and she takes great pride in designing smart, comfortable areas that people actually want to spend time in. Not just spaces that look good.

She knows there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to her work and she loves nothing more than stepping outside the box, kicking the box to the curb, and getting creative. She's a visual magpie and pairs inspiration from nature, fashion and the world around her with a minimal, clean and functional approach to design. It's an approach her clients have come to know and love over the years.

From common client concerns to complex construction issues, Dani's been through it all (and back again) and knows how to take a project from concept to completion. Dani works with unflinching honesty and unparalleled clarity of vision, two traits that she thinks are essential to bring her clients' design dreams to life.

Like Dan, Dani gets the most joy from her work when she sees her clients step into their home for the first time. It's usually a pretty poignant event, for both Dani and the homeowners and it's in those moments when she feels the most satisfied about her work. She truly lives and breathes this stuff.

Ashlee Moyle is Red Door Projects' newest recruit, an interior designer who creates, in her own words, "bloody fab spaces". (Dan and Dani liked her immediately.)

Prior to joining the RDP team, Ashlee had her own independent design firm, remodeling high-end residential spaces in Melbourne, experimenting, finding her way to a bold and sophisticated style.

A lot of designers tend to think local. (If it's good enough for Australian tastes, it's good enough for them.) Ashlee isn't like that. She reads widely and travels often, studying overseas design and filling notebook after notebook with ideas. That's why many of her projects have an international flavor. Punchy but subtle spaces. Interiors that challenges a client's thinking, while still knocking the brief out of the park.

She also shares Dani's love of lists... she even has lists for lists. Really it was a no-brainer.